Pet Rat Breeds

Pet Rat breeds

Pet rats come in a vary of colours and breeds. Currently there are over 70 recognised rat breeds.

The main recognise breeds of rats are:

Standard – which have short hair with a nice glossy finish. Female rat’s hair tends to be softer then the male rats.

Hairless – the name said it all, no hair and pink thin skin. Great for people who are allergy to pet hair.  But with no fur coat, need to careful of it in cold weather and when it outside on a sunny day (could get sun burn very easily).

Tailness (Manx) – No tail or may still have a small furry stub or very small tail.

Dumbo – Again as the name implies it is normally slightly bigger than other rat breeds and their ears are little bit bigger and rounder and are situated a little bit lower than other rat ears. This breed can also come in a vary of colours.


Other Rat breeds varieties.

Marked -This breed comes in normally two colours that form a set pattern. The National Fancy Rat Society has recognised 12 marked varieties. One example of a marked Rat breed is Capped – Mostly white with colour on its head only.

Other marked varieties are: Berkshire, Badger, Hooked, Irish, Variegated, Essex, Blazed Essex, Chinchilla, Squirrel, Roan and Striped Roan.

Self Varieties – These breeds tend to be of one colour. For example, Pink Eyed White – White colour rat with pink eyes. Other Self Varieties are: Champagne, Buff, Platinum, Quicksilver, British Blue, black, Chocolate, Mink and Ivory.

Pet Rat Breed

Other breeds that I would like to mention are:

Siamese – very similar to the Siamese cat colouring.

Rex – Evenly curled dense coat.  Plus, will have curly whiskers.


Reminder Rats can come in a vary of colours. Personally I like the Ivory rat breed.

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